22 March 2019

Wild Eskdale Easter Club


by Carys M.

22 March 2019

The Easter holidays are approaching and Wild Eskdale are offering a holiday club for children aged 8-12. There will be loads of different activities on during the week days. Each session will be two hours long and will run from 10-12pm or 1-3pm, for a charge of £3 per session or £5 per day. If children stay for the whole day, just remember to pack them food and drinks!

Have a look at some of the activities we’re offering and find out more, including how to book, below.

Animal homes: Transform the woods with a whole miniature village for creatures, or create bug hotels and habitat piles for our mini friends to hide in.

Art in nature: Discover the symmetry and colour of the natural world and use natural materials to create your own art. Use other materials like clay and twine to create woodland sculptures and transform Longwood.

Bioblitz & surveys: Learn about citizen science and how everyone can get involved. Practice being a naturalist by identifying species, and carry out experiments to compare different habitats in Longwood and the nearby moorland.

Bird watching and drawing: Watch how birds interact with one another, listen for the different types of calls they have, and have a go at scientific drawings and note taking to start your own collection.

Den challenge: Using sticks and tarps, try to make the sturdiest, safest, and most waterproof den you can. Teams will have to try and stay dry once the leader comes with water to test!

Flying machine challenge: Using natural and provided materials, investigate what makes the best flying machine. Can yours go the furthest?

Investigate nature: Our local area is full of wildlife and history. See how naturalists like Attenborough investigate the world with activities such as tray beating, sketches, and paying attention to all of our senses.

Mindfulness: A calm session thinking on ourselves and the world using nature and our senses. Mindful art, reflective activities, and movement games will help destress and increase emotional awareness.

Minibeast hunting: What can you find when you look closely? Hunt out the little critters we often forget and see how well you can identify what we discover.

Nature writing: From thinking about how aliens might view our planet to discussing how worldbuilding in creative writing can ground and inform a story, all abilities will find a way to stretch their creative muscles.

River dipping: Have a look at the tiny creatures which make up the Tarras stream and learn how to spot healthy water. See where dragonflies and damselflies spend most of their lives before they transform into the flying creatures we’re familiar with.

River rafts: Using natural and provided materials, build rafts and race them down the river. Who will make the fastest raft?

Survival session: Step back in time and take a look at how humans would have survived before electricity and houses. How would they have stayed dry and warm? Learn the history of fire and shelter building with some great practical activities, and cook some tasty treats over a fire (weather dependent).

Wildlife walk: How many creatures and plants can you recognise? Can you tell direction just by looking at moss and lichen? Do you know what you’d do if you were lost in the wilderness? Learn all this and more with an interactive walk through Longwood and onto the moor.

Woodland games: An energetic, more open-ended session of games and activities. There will be secret codes to uncover, challenges to test your prowess, and nature-themed games to blow off steam.

If you’re interested in booking, we give spots on a first come, first served basis upon return of a booking form. You can email education@wildeskdale.co.uk, phone 01387380914, or drop into the Langholm Initiative offices, Buccleuch Mill, Glenesk Road to find out more or request a booking form. Bookings open on Wednesday 27th.


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