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21 December

Roe-ming the Woods


by Kevin C.

21 December 2018

Roe Deer were one of the first animals I really spent time tracking and spending time with in the wild. Given the right conditions you can get incredibly close without causing disturbance. I had another lovely experience with one yesterday in the plantation near Laverock bird hide on Langholm moor.

6 December

Wild Eskdale Project Launched!


by Kevin C.

6 December 2018

On 31st October 2018, a blustery and rainy day at the Malcolm Monument on Langholm Moor I struggled on in the dark at 7:45am putting up gazebos for the launch of this project. Half an hour later and the reinforcements arrived, Wild Eskdale volunteers. In any project like this volunteers are the life blood, those willing to give their time to help. With the additional hands we managed to complete the set up with about half an hour to spare before kick off.

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