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6 December 2018

Wild Eskdale Project Launched!


by Kevin C.

6 December 2018

On 31st October 2018, a blustery and rainy day at the Malcolm Monument on Langholm Moor I struggled on in the dark at 7:45am putting up gazebos for the launch of this project. Half an hour later and the reinforcements arrived, Wild Eskdale volunteers. In any project like this volunteers are the life blood, those willing to give their time to help. With the additional hands we managed to complete the set up with about half an hour to spare before kick off.

A project launch is important because it sets the standard for everything you want to achieve during the projects life and how you shape the message you want to send.

Wild Eskdale had been working with P3/4 and 5 at Canonbie Primary School for several weeks before the launch. We worked on different habitats like moorland, woodland and rivers and how important connectivity is between them. We built bug hotels, cleared duck weed from the school pond and painted wooden cut outs of some of the species found here on Langholm Moor.

This great group of children attended the project launch and followed a nature trail where we had set out their painted animals from the school sessions. The children had to find the animals using binoculars and following a route on the moor.

As a former display falconer I also had some falconry birds of prey at the event to let the children have a closer look at some of the animals we had been talking about in the classroom.

Given the weather, the children did a great job and we had a fantastic turn out with over 40 people there in the end. This included ITV, Dumfries and Galloway Life Magazine and local paper the Eskdale and Liddesdale Advertiser.

The media coverage was fantastic and can be seen on our Facebook page. Guests enjoyed refreshments like homemade soup, biscuits and tea and coffee.

All in all it was a wonderful start to this project which will go from strength to strength.


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